Roraima, Angel Fall, Gran Sabana, Los Roques or Llanos. Customize your vacations in Venezuela with Kamadac. Flexibility is our quality.

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Hi, we are the Kamadac Team.

KAMADAC is a German - Pemon Indigenous travel agency and tour operator. We live and work in the Gran Sabana in south east of Venezuela, and breathe this place in every day. This keeps us more in touch with the Venezuelan reality. Whether it be a Roraima trekking, Angel Falls boat tour or chill out days at Los Roques, you can be assured that we have the expertise and inside knowledge to create that trip of a life time.


Travel Service


*Country & Airport Shutlles

*Airport Assitance

*Local Flight Booking

*Hotel Booking

We know how to combine adventure tours, hotels, fligts, transports and locations into the perfect getaway for your Venezuela round trip.

To receive more information on travel assitanca and what we can offer, please contact us with full details on your requirements so we can arrange an itinerary that best suits you.

Confirmed Dates

All Tours

Roraima Tour

02 June 2016--6 days
05 June 2016--6 days
12 June 2016--6 days
02 July 2016--6 days
05 July 2016--6 days
16 July 2016--6 days
27 Aug. 2016--6 days
11 Sep. 2016--6 days
15 Oct. 2016--8 days
18 Nov. 2016--6 days
02 Dec. 2016--6 days
15 Dec. 2016--6 days
from 295 EUR

Kavac - Salto Angel

5 days / 4 nights

600 EUR

Auyantepuy Tour

from 700 EUR

Angel Falls Tour

all time, boat/fly over
310 EUR

Gran Sabana

3 days / 2 nights every tuesday and friday
from 190 EUR


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